The Kur Method – A Philosophy For Optimal Wellbeing In Body, Mind And Soul

Camille Hoheb

Aug 26, 2009

The Kur Method – A Philosophy For Optimal Wellbeing In Body, Mind And Soul

Using all natural ingredients and practicing centuries old hydrotherapy techniques, the Kur method, featured at the Kurotel Longevity Center and Spa, brings these traditional therapies to the 21st century by incorporating nutrition and fitness to benefit both body and mind.

The Kur Method, a philosophy for optimal wellbeing in body, mind and soul was developed by the Kurotel Longevity Center and Spa in Gramado, Brazil. The Kurotel is a pioneer in the utilization of the Kneipp technique in Brazil which was first discovered by a 19th century Bavarian priest, Sebastian Kneipp, one of the founders of the Naturopathic medicine movement. 

Kneipp pioneered a system of healing which included five elements: exercise, nutrition, herbalism, spirituality and hydrotherapy. Kneipp Cure is a form of hydrotherapy in which water is used in various methods, temperatures and pressures to heal.

Focusing on evidence-based, predictive medicine and a commitment toward healthy lifestyle practices through nutrition, fitness and emotional wellbeing, the Kur Method is a modern application of the Kneipp Cure.

Science Behind The Method

To understand the Kur Method, it’s important to know about the founders of the Kurotel. Created by Neusa and Luis Carlos Silveria in 1982, the couple envisioned a place where clients would regain their wellbeing and happiness.

Kurotel comes from combining the German word for cure (kur) and hotel.

Thirty years ago, focusing on prevention was a new concept and even today, there is a much needed paradigm shift from a disease focused healthcare delivery system to one of prevention and healthy living. As we know, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and stress are major contributors to chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiac conditions and cancer.

Rochelle Silveria, COO of Kurotel explains, “It is never too late to change and no change is forever. We want our clients to become great friends with their bodies to improve their health and to find equilibrium in life.” She adds, “The Kur Method offers a new perspective on life which facilitates our patients to reflect on their lifestyle, leave a sedentary way of life behind and repair the damage from unhealthy choices. The Kur Method encourages harmonization of body, mind and spirit by controlling stress levels, relaxing and adopting new habits and attitudes that promote wellbeing.”

Kurotel utilizes modern medicine in conjunction with homeopathy, scientifically based phytotherapy, nutrition, physiotherapy techniques along with monitored fitness activities.

How Hot and Cold Can Work For You

The adoption of Kniepp hydrotherapy treatment has become known throughout Brazil as an important physiotherapy method of Kurotel. The thermal contrasts improve the elasticity of the blood vessels through contrasts in hot and cold baths by making the vessels work to contract and expand.
Think if it as an internal workout of the system.

The blood flows in a more effective manner, while nutrients are delivered to the tissue and toxins are removed from the tissue. The active agents of medicinal plants are carried in a more effective manner using water as a vehicle.

A bathtub with water jets provides a relaxing massage during a 20-minute session. The bath ends with an infusion of cold water from the jets. The contrast of hot and cold improves general health, improves sleep and digestive function, and improves other functions in the body. This is an effective method for boosting the immune system, activating circulation and respiration benefits. Other examples include pediluvium, a treatment using a contrast of hot and cold water to stimulate foot and legs blood circulation.

The patient immerses feet and legs in hot water at around 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, for seven minutes and then in cold water for thirty seconds. The process is repeated three times, always ending with cold water. The contrast of hot and cold water dilates the vases improving metabolic processes. It also stimulates superficial circulation and exercises the elastic fibers in the skin providing muscular toning.

To increase these benefits, natural ingredients may be added to the water. For example, marine salt is used to help heal bruises and contusions or apple vinegar is used to fight tiredness and restore natural acid cover of the skin; any of these can be added to the water. The contrast of hot and cold water may also be used to stimulate blood circulation in hands and arms as well as for the whole body.

A Natural Philosophy

Treatment using plants and natural ingredients has always been part of Kurotel’s philosophy and in fact, it is one of the Kurotel pillars.

As mentioned before, ingredients can be added to the water in such treatments as immersion baths, hydrotherapy and sauna. It also can be prescribed for oral consumption.

The Kur Pharmacy uses high quality Brazilian ingredients to produce the phytotherapic supplements to accomplish the treatment at Kurotel and to allow the guest to continue a home program. Doctors and nutritionists prescribe phytotherapy after a customized assessment as a natural way of helping the body to achieve biochemical balance.

Stress relief and emotional wellbeing is a key to good health and the relaxation techniques are an integral part of the Kur Method along with proper, balanced nutrition and fitness.

Kur Method was designed to improve the quality of life through a balanced life including nutrition, physical activity, stress management and emotional wellbeing and the enjoyment of one’s life. Many times health programs overlook this very important ingredient to feeling optimal. The Kur Method combines the best practices for a healthy and happy existence. 

About Kurotel Longevity Center and Spa

Founded by Dr. Luis Carlos Silveira and his wife Neusa, Kurotel celebrates its 27th anniversary still supporting its mission of helping people to achieve better health and a more fulfilling life. Kurotel has become a worldwide reference in its segment by using the latest techniques in predictive and preventive medicine. Part pampering spa and part state-of-the-art medical center, the Kurotel has established a mark of excellence by achieving top honors in spa and travel awards.

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