With Just a Blink of the Eye ~ How the Subconscious and Quantum Energy fields are affected by Hypnosis

Sandra Landsman

Jul 15, 2009

With Just a Blink of the Eye ~ How the Subconscious and Quantum Energy fields are affected by Hypnosis

Imagine if things could be different for you or if you could instantly change the way you feel physically, emotionally or spiritually. Picture if you could influence those sitting next to you or affect events half way around the world. Wonder if you could change how you perceive the world. If a miracle occurred, would you notice it or leave it to the strange, bizarre or mere coincidence. These may seem like scenarios for which you can’t possibly imagine, but through the assistance of hypnosis the impossible could become reality.

The left side of the brain or conscious mind doesn’t understand the context of infinite scenarios or the realm of unlimited possibilities. However, when you ask open-ended questions it gives the right brain, or your subconscious, the opportunity to search for the answers in that seemingly magical realm. The left brain experiences some sense of confusion and feels put upon or may not even understand the implications of these questions.

In Newton’s world, objects and how they moved could be measured with an unerring degree of certainty. We have been taught that we stand isolated and alone, as observers, with no influence on the world upon which we gaze.

Things began to change around the turn of the last century with the emergence of the quantum energy theory and then by the superstring theory. These theories baffled even the mathematical genius of Albert Einstein. He was unable to blend them into a comprehensive unified field theory. He did however leave us with a challenge.

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge,” Einstein said. “Everything has changed with the splitting of the atom, except for one thing, the way we think. We must change the way we think.” 
Science today and the multiple quantum energy theories that have emerged since then present us with a novel and creative way of thinking and seeing our world.

Quantum Energy

Quantum energy presents itself either in invisible waves or visible particles. The important concept is that the energy can present itself in two different ways. In addition, a quantum particle can be in one, two or multiple locations simultaneously. Surprisingly, the distance between particles does not influence their communication, because they act as if they are connected. They are able to communicate among themselves with little or no regard to the limitations of time. Think of your future as the past and the present as either future or past. All time, whether present, future or past becomes interchangeable. These particles, which are really photons or elements of energy, are demonstrating what is potentially possible in this time and in this space.  Then we are finally free to grasp the realm of infinite unlimited possibilities.

Time is an illusion and does not exist.  These bits of energy or photons are able to communicate among themselves with little or no regard to the limitations of past, present or future.  They are demonstrating what is potentially possible in this time and space.  When we can understand and accept the realm of infinite unlimited possibilities and that time functions only in what we consider the present.  Time like many other constructs of our real world is something that we have made up to offer a sense of security, a safe environment, to define substance and to create a consensual reality.
Hypnosis and the Pastlife

The question has arisen of how the concept of quantum physics, as an energy field of consciousness, can exist in the everyday world we seem to live in.  There is talk of multidimensional planes of existences, other worlds and universes, cellular memory, pastlife memory that reaches back eons or to conception and birth, spontaneous healing, the use of holographic imagery to create a whole memory out of a fragment and remote healing and viewing.  So where does one go to start to find the believable evidence that these phenomenon occur and to very ordinary folks just like you and me? If all of these ideas are plausible why is the buzz or the occurrences getting more frequent?  How does that happen? 
Let’s look to biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake for a simple examination pertaining to the development of the concept of morphic fields.  He states that when enough people behave in a particular manner then it becomes easier for more to manifest or exhibit the same behavior.  It is immaterial whether the act is learning to drive a car, drawing blood in a medical facility or in pastlife images that occur spontaneously or with the aid of hypnosis.

There have been many well documented cases of pastlife experiences by doctors Hazel Denning, Helen Wambach, Roger J. Woolger or Irene Hickman, but none of their works hit the best seller list or made headlines the way Yale trained psychiatrist Brian L Weiss, M.D. did.  When Many Lives, Many Masters made its debut in 1988 it was not only validation for the regression process, but it became a very real how-to manual for all to use and replicate. Dr. Weiss described the process of hypnosis clearly and simply. His use was not as a parlor game, but as a very powerful therapeutic tool. His instructions to his patients were to return to their earliest time when something was an issue. This would bring the focus on the root of the matter, the initial sensitizing event (ISE). This has been and would always be the bases for serious pastlife regression work. When you change your past, you affect the present.

Dr. Brian Weiss initially worked individually with his patients, as his interest grew his approach changed. As many practitioners have done before, he began to perform mass group hypnotic regression seminars, after he left the clinical area for the public one. The success of these seminars was dependent upon tapping into the morphic field of every practitioner that came before him and everyone that had believed in reincarnation in the past. 

There have been many reports of spontaneous memories of past life experiences that have been documented. During his tenure as a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia, Ian Stevenson, M.D. documented and researched several thousand cases of children with memories of previous incarnations.

That concept goes back several thousands of years to the compilations of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Both texts originally contained references to reincarnation, however, in 325 A.D. Roman emperor Constantine the Great with the assistance of Helena, his mother, eradicated those references. A little over two centuries later in 553 A.D., when the Second Council of Constantinople met this time, honored belief became heresy. Of course, many ancient religions and cultures, as well as contemporary ones, have firmly held to the belief that Buddhism with the time honored Dalai Lama comes immediately to mind.

Case Studies

Clinical material in this field usually relies on anecdotal material and reports. Verifying any of the patients’ experiences is difficult if not impossible. Through my many years of practice I have a great number of these types of patients. Fortunately, many cases have been corroborated with scientific medical data. Here is a synopsis of just two of such cases.

Laura B. called for an appointment to learn self-hypnosis in preparation for a surgical procedure. Laura had had several similar procedures for a dry fissure and was well aware of the process and the discomfort encountered during the recuperation period. As she described the current medical situation and her previous experiences it seemed reasonable that learning self-hypnosis would decrease any discomfort she was experiencing presently and the pain medication she would need post-surgery. During further discussion she added that the fissures seemed to come out of nowhere every few years. None of her physicians seemed to be able to identify a source or cause for her problem. I suggested that we use hypnosis to search for the source of the problem. Laura promptly agreed.

When Laura was in trance, the direction was given to her subconscious to go to what and when her medical problems started. I was looking for the ISE. She immediately moved back in time and over the next few minutes describing several scenes and covering different time periods. Each represented a major trauma by stabbing. These wounds resulted in her death in that time period. When fully conscious, she identified that each wound site was where she had had a fissure and subsequent surgery to heal it. The last assault in her past life journey was the site of the soon to be operated on fissure. She felt relaxed and calm and asked to return for another session to further her practice of self-hypnosis. 

Laura called a few days later excited and exuberant. She had just left her surgeons office where she had been given the news that the fissure was completely gone and there would be no operation since there was nothing to operate on. She said she would call if there were any problems. When I spoke to her several years later, she reported that there had been no more dry fissures and the surgical scaring had almost completely disappeared.

For this woman returning to pastlife experiences not only identified the source of the trauma, but also created a spontaneous healing. There was no particular religious or spiritual belief involved in the hypnosis process. The quantum energetic leap to previous existences, understanding and releasing the emotion tied to that time and place allowed for the change on this plane and during this lifetime. For Laura, forgiving herself for being helpless to defend her persona, allowed her to leave the painful wounds behind.

Barbara G. had a very different situation. She was desperate to have a family and was slated for a procedure to remove scar tissue from her fallopian tubes. What was seen on the ultra sound was clear and indisputable. Scar tissue was blocking her tubes, ergo conception was not possible. Barbara was a very visual person so imagery seemed to be the ticket for transformation for her.
She envisioned her fallopian tubes as smooth, pink, healthy and above all hollow. She also went to a time and place in her lifetime before she had any menstrual problems. She further created a hologram of a healthy reproductive system. Two days later, when viewing her new current ultra sound, the doctors thought they had the wrong patient. They declared that Barbara was one of the healthiest patients they had ever seen. Conception soon followed.


Almost fifteen years ago, Harvard trained physician and botanist Andrew Weil, M.D. wrote a text called Spontaneous Healing. In it he describes numerous case studies that present major shifts that his patients have had that were physical, emotional or spiritual. These transformations were a great deal more than what a change in diet, adding an exercise regimen, a new prescription or vitamins and herbal supplements would or could account for. Perhaps looking at the recent works of Greg Braden, The Devine Matrix, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief and Fractal Time will bring a clearer understanding of why and how we can make changes over vast distances, in physical tissue or matter. Yes, in the blink of an eye, miracles can and do occur, obliterating space, time and cherished beliefs.

Sandra Landsman, Ph.D., has been in the private practice for over 35 years and is a noted international clinical consultant, lecturer, author and seminar/workshop leader in the U.S. and abroad.  Her expertise in hypnosis and metaphysics grew out of her creative work with clients with severe emotional disorders. Professional affiliations and certifications include International Association Counselors and Therapists, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, National Guild of Hypnotists, National Council of Hypnotist Examiners, International Association for Regression, Research and Therapies.  In addition, Dr. Landsman is a Clinical Teaching Member of the International Transactional Analysis Association and a Reiki Master Teacher.  She received a Fellowship to the National Institute of Mental Health and is in Who’s Who of American Woman, Who’s Who of Medicine and Healthcare, Two Thousand Notable Americans and Who’s Who Among Human Service Professionals. Sandra may be contacted at DrSandyLandsman@bellsouth.net and www.DrSandy.biz.