Reinforcing the Benefits of the Bath, or Shower ~ More Than You Thought You Knew

Lic. Cynthia Martinez

Jul 15, 2009

Reinforcing the Benefits of the Bath, or Shower ~ More Than You Thought You Knew

When aiming to promote health and prevent disease, it is extremely important to differentiate between good and bad hygiene habits and to establish the first one as a personal habit. The bathroom is very important for proper skin care, among other things. Keep in mind that the skin is more than just a protective layer of the body – it contains sweat glands that drain moisture when it’s hot, in order to keep the body cool.

One should bathe or shower once a day: to remove dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria that can cause infections and for the stimulating effect that the bathing has over the circulation, muscles and nerves in the skin.  The choice between shower or bath may be made in terms of taste, time available and water conservation. A bath can be relaxing, help with sleep and ease tension, while in a shower the water is constantly fresh and clean. Before taking a bath, a shower should be taken to remove dust and other substances.

Under the shower, start by softly and strongly massaging the body from toes to neck. It will reactivate blood circulation and clean the skin, which could be rough and scaly. Finish showering with cold water – colder water is stimulating.

There are excellent, various bath treatments that will ensure proper hydration, nutrition and exfoliation of the skin.

Baths of Milk and Honey

The story of Cleopatra and her beauty is a captivating one, as well as an icon of women's history. Her beauty secrets have transcended centuries to reach us in a shroud of mystery, magnetism and splendor, making an extravagant imprint.

Who has never heard of the milk baths the legendary queen of Egypt took to enhance her beauty? At the clinic, you will find all the details of this elixir of the highest quality.

The bath is prepared with warm milk and honey, and a few drops of essential oils of herbs or flowers. Enough milk is poured to be immersed in and the option of a soft sponge soaked in milk and honey to use over the body is given. A gentle massage with the sponge will remove dead cells, which deeply hydrates your skin and restores smoothness and brightness to your skin.

Both the milk and honey provide a large amount of nutrients and hydration to your skin and proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and calcium, which is used in the formulation of the latest anti-aging creams, are provided to you in this luxurious bath.

The bath should be conducted two or three times a week, so you can see changes in your skin.

Chocolate Through the Years

Before the Spanish conquest, chocolate was known only by the indigenous Mexicans, who prepared the cacao seeds in a similar way as is done today. In 1520, chocolate was introduced into Spain from Mexico and in 1606 began to be manufactured in Italy. Then Spain introduced it to France, where it did not come into general use until the reign of Louis XIV.

Today, chocolate is everywhere. Throughout the world cocoa is becoming a great ally to beauty. Its cosmetic value is becoming more widespread, thanks to its important therapeutic benefits. Experts discovered that cocoa is an effective weapon in the preservation of beauty for the purposes of slimming, detoxifying and firming. Chocolate spa and beauty centers are catching on, and have more patrons each day.

Chocolate therapy is a delicious treatment involving a relaxing massage, for body and face, with the cocoa (cacao oil nectar), and is suitable for virtually all skin types – it is certainly a luxury available to all.

The purpose of the therapy is to exfoliate the skin and remove layers of impurities from the face and/or body.  The body must be covered with a thin layer of hot chocolate and left untouched for twenty minutes. Afterwards, wrap the body in osmotic and thermal blankets to achieve absorption of the special nutrients.
Then we recommend a massage with hydrated cocoa, to moisturize the skin with oil and cocoa flower or to eliminate stretch marks, if requested.

Chocolate Bath Benefits

The new chocolate massages and baths moisturize the skin, fight cellulite and re-mineralizes the skin and metabolism.  Researchers have found that chocolate is a powerful element to with slimming, detoxifying and firming properties. Chocolate therapy improves mood with the production of endorphins, hormones that generate feelings of well-being, and acts on the nervous system as an anti-anxiety/anti-depressant.

This treatment is especially recommended in the summer, to treat dehydrated, rough skin.

Vinotherapy for Beauty

Wine has been used in healing for a long time but the term “vinotherapy” is a recent invention of Cathiard Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas. They opened the first spa specializing in what they called vinotherapy in the late 90s.

Vinotherapy is mainly based on the properties of grapes; each component of the grape offers several advantages, acting together give the skin a healthier appearance. Vinotherapy is used in different treatments like thermal baths, sweat wraps, body massages, peels and others.

  • Vinotherapy and body peeling: These peels are done with grape seeds and grape seed oil with other ingredients.
  • Wrap sweating: The body is covered with red grape extract, grape seed oil and clay.
  • Baths: These involve passing through a whirlpool of red wine products.

For a vinotherapy bath, the first phase consists of our body exfoliation process, which uses grape seeds to remove dead cells and impurities, and activate cell regeneration in a natural way. The cream is rubbed on the body, with emphasis on rough areas like elbows and knees, and then removed with warm water.

In the second step, we use massage oil made of grape seeds. It decongests and increases blood circulation, as well as the temperature of the skin, by improving its physiological state. Grape seed oil nourishes mature and undernourished skin, bringing softness and smoothness. Its content of essential fatty acids gives the skin flexibility, helping to slow the degeneration of tissues.

Finally, a deep massage, extending upwards toward the heart from the feet and knees to the thighs, abdomen, chest, neck and arms, is given. The entire process takes about two hours.

Experts have found that red wine is rich in polyphenols – antioxidants that contribute very effectively to keeping the body young.  Vinotherapy is also a great anti-aging tool that softens wrinkles which already exist.  Rich in vitamins A, C and E, the grape is particularly beneficial to the skin, giving it elasticity, strength and youth.

Think about how these different techniques can offer you a new and exciting alternative to your typical bath or shower while bringing in healthy benefits.